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Pass mean a place where that place is a highest point that major road and public transportation pass through that point. Selo Pass and Ketep pass  are located between two mountain Merapi and Merbabu. They are lie between Boyolali District & Magelang District. Ketep lies on 1200 m height meanwhile Selo at 1600 m height. Both place are beautiful, cool and comfort. Sometimes it call land above the cloud.
Ketep pass located in Magelang district. It lies on west side Merapi Merbabu
Ketep Pass
There are several attraction on Ketep Pass
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Gazebos place to sit and to see the sight. In good weather we can see 5 big mountain Merapi, Merbabu, Sundoro, Sumbing and Slamet. Also small hill surrounding.

                                               Gazebo                            Merapi Mountain
 Sumbing Mountain                            Merbabu Mountain
2. Volcano Centre/museum
There are many information about Merapi mountain during eruption or during sleep phase.

3. Volcano Theatre
    We can see activity documentry movie of Merapi Mountain, climbing path, reseaerch of vulcanology and 
    eruption of merapi 
4. Restaurant
It is located above Theatre with glass wall. We can choose varian menu, while we enjoy the food we can see surrounding scenery.
Selo Pass
Located in Boyolali district, east side of merapi merbabu. It is about 12 km from ketep pass. Lies on 1600 - 1800 m height, beautiful view, cool and comfort temperatur. Atraction on Selo Pass, Merapi, merbabu scenery, farm, restaurants, homestay. You can visit http://www.central-java-tourism.com/desa-wisata/in/selo.htm for list of homestay. One of the best hotel is Selo Pass hotel.


How to get there
Those pass are located at Java island. To reach Ketep pass or Sello Pass it depend where you comming from. If you comming from east region of Merapi Merbabu first you have to reached Boyolali first. From Boyolali take Boyolali-Mungkid route. If you comming from west region Merapi Merbabu, first you have to reach Magelang or Mungkid, then take a route Mungkid-Boyolali. You can see clearly location on the following map
Selo Pass & Ketep pass location map. click map for zoom

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