Thursday, October 27, 2011


All Praise Allah SWT We pray for all the abundance of grace and the gift to us all.
Indonesia is a vast country. The length of the west to the eastern tip of Indonesia territory of more than 5,000 km, while the width of the northern tip to southern tip of more than 1,500  km long. It is wider than Europe if it does not include Russia. In such a vast area of ​​Indonesia to be divided into three different time zones.
Indeed Allah has bestowed a huge gift to the country. In addition to the vast country, God also has given our country an abundance of natural wealth.Most areas of Indonesia, or about 2 / 3 it is the ocean. in the lake are included either in the form of natural wealth in the form of fishing or mining. The area of ​​land also has a wide range of natural resources. Fertile soil, diverse mining, extensive forests with biodiversity are highly variable and others.
Many forms of nature are in Indonesia, from the sea, reefs, lowland, dense forest, desert, rivers, lakes, mountains, up to a very high mountain with eternal snow and others. This diversity makes Indonesia a lot of places that have unique and interesting that became a tourist destination. These places attractive but because of its natural wealth, the landscape could also be due to culture, grow-vegetation, the animals or other things.
Here the authors try to present interesting places from all over the archipelago.Hopefully with the presentation of this paper can be useful info for the readers. And hopefully by knowing the interesting places that we can feel the greatness of Allah, and to feel closer to Him. Amin.
To help the reader to visit interesting places in the corners of the archipelago, the authors also try to present the maps of various regions of Indonesia, either in the form of regular maps or topographic maps. Moreover, the authors also try to present a list of accommodation and transportation in a variety of blood.
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Happy travelling

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