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Madinah is a second holly city for moslem after Mekah. Madinah called Madinah Al Munawaroh. Madinah mean city, Al Munawaroh mean shin, so it mean shine city. It is called like that is because from this city prophet Muhammad spread Islamic religion to all over the world.
One of the main features of the city of Medina is the presence of Nabawi mosque.
Nabawi mosque is the holiest mosque for Muslims after the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Nabawi mosque picture at Madinah

Superiority of Nabawi Mosque compare to another Mosque :
- Pray in Nabawi mosque is 1000 times better than other mosque except Haram mosque in Mekah (in Haram mosque 100,000 times better).
- There are Raudhah inside Nabawi mosque. In a Hadith is mentioned "In between the house and my tribune there  is Raudhah (park) from Riyadh (the parks) heaven. "
- In a Hadith mentioned "Whoever prays in my mosque forty times as much as not lost, it will be noted freedom from hell, freedom from torture, and heavoid of hypocrisy.

Nabawi mosque was built at Rasulullah SAW era. The size about 50 m x 50 m. On one side of the outer mosque was built the residence of the Prophet Muhammad that are not too big. At the time of death, the prophet was buried at his residence.
Nabawi had several renovation and extention. Recently the grave of prophet Muhammad SAW is inside the mosque. Beside the grave are also burried Abu Bakar and Umar bin Khatab.
Nabawi mosque is second largest most of the world after Haram Mosque in Mekah. Capaity of Nabawi mosque are 600,000 people.
Nabawi mosque are equipped with air conditioning, so we can pray with comfort.
Domes at the Nabawi mosque can be shifted to open and close for air and light circulation. In the middle of the mosque, the roof is made of a giant umbrella that can open and close. Currently, the courtyard mosque are equipped with a giant umbrella. In addition,several mosques have ornaments are coated with gold so that the atmosphere insidethe mosque is very beautiful.

Picture of giant umbrella in midle mosque when it close (up) and when it open (botom)

Picture of giant umbrella in courtyard mosque when it close (up) and when it open (botom)
For a man to make visits to raudhah any time, while for women there are certain hours.When the writer visited the mosque is not open 24 hours and visits to rhaudah forwomen are only allowed when Duha until about noon.
The authors make a visit during Hajj season in 2000. Create the writer himself is like a dream trip. This is because the intention of Hajj appeared suddenly, and it was the Indonesian people not out of the very severe monetary crisis, including upon the writer himself. Praise  to God's for all our blessing, his grace and guidance, so the writer is given the ease of performing the Hajj. Alhamdulillah after Hajj, all the treasure that is spent in Allah's way are Allah rewarded with multiple and always ease its luck.

My brothers and sisters that have not been on pilgrimage, immediately register for the pilgrimage, because the current queue waiting time for the pilgrimage from Indonesia reached five years. Believe in God Almighty, God willing, you spend all the treasure in the way of Allah will be rewarded by God with a double reward. yes amen Robbal Alamin.

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