Friday, February 25, 2011


Terawang Cave is tourism object area inside teak forests and lime hill. There are six caves on that area, one big cave and five other smaller caves. The wide of the cave are varies from 3 m until 18 meter wides. The height are also varies from 2 m until 24 m high. The caves are not to long. 
It call Terawang because there are a hole on the ceiling of the cave , that can pass through by sun light. (Terawang in English means overlay).
There are some wild monkey around the area. There are many teak tree around that area make it feel cool shade.
  Terawang cave video

How To get there
Terawang Cave located 32 km western Blora or 107 km eastern Semarang. Easy way to get there is find puskesmas (public healthy center) crossroad on Kunduran sub district. If you from Semarang turn left, if you comming from Blora turn right on that crossroad. From there to the Terawang cave about 8 km through a good road condition. The cave are located beside that roads.

Terawang cave location maps. Click for zoom

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