Sunday, February 20, 2011


Golden Gate bridge is located in San Fransisco, California, US. This bridge is passing through strait that separates San Fransisco gulf with Pacific ocean.This Bridge connecting San Fransisco city with Marin county.
Golden Gate bridge was longest bridge of the world. The length of the bridge are 2,727 m. Golden gate bridge is a suspension bridge. Distance between two tower are 1280 m. The height of the tower are 230 m above water surface.
This bridge was built in 1937. This bridge was longest bridge of the world for 37 years.
This bridge are also popular for suicide place.
There are Golden gate bridge park near the bridge on the hill area. From the park we can see the bridge, San Fransisco, the gulf and pacific ocean. There is a fort from world war II on that park.
Photo & Video golden gate bridge

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