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Lalay cave in Ciluengsi is a mix cave between horizontal cave and vertical cave. The uniqueness of Lalay cave is there are small river at the bottom of the cave. It call Lalay cave because many bat inside the cave (Lalay in Sundanese language mean bat)
I forgot how long of this cave (it was a long time ago), but it is long enough. If I am not mistake it take more than one hour to enter the cave until the end off the cave.
Bottom of the river some part consist of mud the other part consist of calcium rocks. Depth of river are vary from the adult knee until more than adult head. Wide of the cave are vary from small alley that only fit for one person to the big room that completed with stalactite and stalagmite.
Best time to enter Lalay cave is during dry season, because water surface are low. If you visit during rain or rainy season you have to careful, because water surface can be high enough to drawn you. You better enter in group than alone. It will be better if someone in group can swim.
For beginners will be better visit in dry season, enter and out with same way through horizontal entrance. Important tool are flash light. shoes and pants to avoid skin friction from sharp rocks. Because the cave is long enough better you bring sufficient drink and food. All tools and stocks need to water proofing, or storage in water proof  container.
For advance and skilled people can entrance and out in difference way. Entrance by horizontal entrance and out by vertical entrance or vice verse. For entrance and out by vertical entrance you need additional climbing tools for safety.

Lalay cave are lie under calcium rock hill. The existence of Lalay cave is in danger because limestone is used  for cement production plants around the cave. Lalay cave is a water source. it can seen that there is a river inside the cave, so the existence off the cave need to preserved.
There are some vertical cliff around Lalay cave that can be used for rock climbing training.

How to Lalay cave Cileungsi.
Lalay cave is located in Cileungsi west jawa at 6* 28' 3,77 S 106* 57" 45,24" E.
Easy way is by Jagorawi toll road and exit on Gunung Putri exit gate. After out from toll gate turn left. Follow the road until you find STO/SKSD Telkom Palapa on left side road. About 1 km after that you will find small lake at the right side road. Turn right there. You can see map below to find Lalay cave. Some part of the road after you turn right are dirt road, so don't used sedan to go there.
Happy caving.
Lalay cave Cileungsi location maps. Click maps for zoom

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