Sunday, February 20, 2011


This Posting is Little bit different, because posting abroad place.
Tokyo Disneyland is an entertainment park area similar with  dunia fantasi ancol, but the character inside the park are taken from Disney character, like Donal duck, mickey mouse, etc.
Tokyo Disneyland is a part of Tokyo Disney resort. Tokyo Disney resort consist of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney sea.
Picture of Tokyo Disneyland
My visit was a long time ago, and Tokyo Disney sea was not built yet, so we discuss only Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland was first Disneyland that built outside of America.
There are several region inside Tokyo Disneyland :
1. Toontown          

2. Fantasyland
3. Tomorowland
4. World Bazar
5. Westernland
6. Adventureland
7. Crittercountry
Each region consist of several rides, games or attraction. For more detail explanation just click each region  link above. You need to concern about queueing time. It need more than half hours queueing for favorite attractions. You can used fast pass ticket. You cant take it first meanwhile you can play other not crowded games during waiting for queueing.

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