Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan zoo is a favorite alternatif tourism destination. The age of this zoo is old enough. At begining the zoo was placed at Cikini, was built at 1864. At 1966 was move to Ragunan southern Jakarta.
Animal collection consist of more than hundred species and more than thousand animals.
There are many big tree make a shady and cool condition. The big trees are also home for non collection zoo animal like monkeys, bird, chipmonk etc.
Ragunan zoo is good place for tourism and education.

How to get there
There are four entrance gate to enter Ragunan zoo. Main entrance or south entrance are located at  Harsono street. West entrance are located at west Margasatwa street. South entrance are located at Sagu street and East gate located at Kebagusan street.
Please see the maps below for better observation.
If you used your private vehicle, you better enter from main gate, because there are some parking area available. 
You can use public transportation by using busway korider 6, its rute are Kuningan-Ragunan.
During long holiday there are very crowded. Trafic jam can reached 1 km long.
Jakarta Ragunan Zoomap. Click for zoom

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