Sunday, February 27, 2011


Safari Park is located at Cibereum village, Cisarua, West Jawa.It is lies on the slope of  Gede-Pangrango Mountain at elevation 1100-1400 m. Average Temperature is about 18* s/d 24* C. Safari Park located about 20 km from Bogor or 78 km from Jakarta.
Basically Safari Park is a zoo.The different is animal is not put in a cage, but visitor are place in a cage in their vehicle to see animal closely.
Safari park are divide in two part, area; wild beast animal area and tamed animal area. In tamed animal area visitor can open the vehicle window and give food to animal. On wild beast animal area there are a door that can open and close automatically when vehicle pass through the door.
Recreation facility on Safari park
1. Sky lift
2. Safari Water Park, park with the pool
3. Baby zoo, Area with some baby zoo that visitors can take a picture with some payment

4. Performance, Attraction from vary animal with free watch.
5. Jaksa water fall
6. Penguin, penguin collection

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